Royal Alberts Palace – Best party place to book in new jersey for Parties


We come all the way out to Royal Alberts Palace, New Jersey in a party from Staten Island, looking for a myriad of selections for some good Indian buffet offerings. At first the buffet was good, but it has been getting better & better (I would like to see a chicken dish, just once.) Is it the best Indian food we have ever had? Well, not compared with a couple of high price dinner places we had gone to in NYC, however, for a party buffet, they offer now a really nice selection of fresh tasting, moist, chicken & veggie dishes. My wife is a big chicken lover & when we ate there today, for example, I counted 10 different types of chicken, all in one Sat. buffet, including her 3 favs., tandoori (which melted in the mouth even though it is dry most times when you have it at a buffet) Korma, & tikki,
The salads have become better & everything was served with better presentation & fresh flowers at the buffet tables. The place is big (& could use a little more atmosphere enhancement in the public buffet area, such as some Indian carvings & art on the bear walls & some native music to set the exotic mood.)
The staff is always very friendly & helpful.